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Kevin Marks

Soi-disant Genius is a magnet for condescension

1 min read

If you were designing a site to attract condescending mansplainers, you couldn't do better than News Genius, which encourages people to annotate things they read online, displays these annotations on top of the original and awards you "IQ points" for doing so.

Over the weekend, the site was used to harass Ella Dawson but their response has been to deny the problem (and to scribble condescendingly all over her post). 

I made a small script to redirect people using the prefix to the original, if you have the ability to embed javascript on your site.

Also Vijith Assar came up with an approach that mangles your webpage to be full of invisible unicode separators so Genius can't parse it. I really don't recommend installing that, as it is burning down your own site for every other viewer and crawler.

The real answer is for Genius, Inc to respect robots.txt and to use an honest referer when proxying your site so that it can be blocked by the author.