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Kevin Marks

Day 5: Improving before the microservices summit #100DaysOfIndieWeb

1 min read

While I've been using my live-noting (well, OK, live-tweeting mostly) site fairly regularly to post live notes to my website, I haven't pushed out a new release for many months.

I'm off to the microservices summit tomorrow, so I thought I'd tidy up the feature requests and bug reports beforehand.

Several of these were helpfully added by Chris Aldrich, including the newly-linked Instructions page and the suggestion to clear the logs and cached speaker list separately.

I also made the site handle blank twitter names better, which means it can now be used as a tweetstorming tool more easily.

I also added a 'New Thread' button that starts a new thread of comments on twitter before the next tweet, which should be useful to break up live tweeting of multiple sessions

Do try it out, and send me any further issues