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Kevin Marks

The indieweb includes RSS and much more, but @davewiner is still resisting change.

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Dave Winer writes:

Richard has turned to IndieWeb for the latest on open web tech. That's fine, but you have to look elsewhere too, because as he's discovered, they only embrace part of the open web. It's too bad they chose such an inclusive name, but have an exclusive approach. For example, they have avoided RSS, for reasons I'm sure I don't understand (I've listened, so no need to repeat the reasoning). We need all the advantages we can get because there are serious headwinds these days for blogging. RSS is serious open web technology. To not build on it is unthinkable, for me at least. #

As is often the case, Dave is focused on RSS rather than the web per se. Indieweb does build with RSS, along with Atom, json-feed, Activity Streams as well as h-feed and h-entry. The feedreader I use, woodwind, reads h-feed, RSS and Atom, shows posts as a river, and integrates posting to your own site through micropub.

So Indieweb is inclusive, whereas Dave does tend to be resistive to new technologies -this was his original view on JSON:

No doubt I can write a routine to parse this, but look at how deep they went to re-invent, XML itself wasn't good enough for them, for some reason (I'd love to hear the reason). Who did this travesty? Let's find a tree and string them up. Now.

Nowadays he happily uses JSON, so maybe he'll be inclusive of microformats and the indeweb derived standards like webmention and micropub someday too. I even sent him a pull request.