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Kevin Marks

Rebuilding the web - #Yesvember #indieweb

Rebuilding the web - #Yesvember #indieweb

Amber Naslund took 30 days off from social media and it clarified things:

When I felt like posting, I told myself to write instead. If I couldn’t find it in me to write, I spent time with some other creative pursuit – music, needlework, visual art and lettering, whatever.  When I felt like thumbing and scrolling, I picked up my Kindle and read instead.…

When you turn down the white noise of mindless distraction, you can clearly hear what’s in your own heart and mind (even if it’s hard to hear).…

Many of my social networks were serving as heavy, moss-covered anchors holding me in my past self rather than allowing me to move freely, fully and confidently into who I am today.…

It came out in words, mostly, as I gave myself unfettered time – and privacy – to write things down without having to share them with the world. I journaled and scrawled on napkins at coffee shops and wrote blog posts I didn’t publish (yet).

The new owners of Flickr announced that they were going to erase the oldest photos from anyone with more than 1000 of them.

It's on us, all of us, to make the web that we want, and not accept the procrustean version of it that machine learning models driven by crude engement metrics wave in front of us.

I'm going to write an post, or some code or make something for the 30 days of November.

I was lucky enough to go to XOXO 2018 2 months ago, and the Andy's just sent out this reminder of it. 

Art dismantles power, otherwise it is propaganda.

You are really smart, you are really good at what you do and we should fucking listen to you.