Yes: it's HWC night again

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It depends on your working environment, but I use a Blue Yeti mic, with over the ear headphones. I have Sennheiser 280s which are not noise cancelling, but have 30dB of acoustic damping. The Yeti has a headphone jack in the bottom which will feed ambient back to you so you can hear how the room sounds.

just playing this mix, very jaunty

did you try Feross's timidity to play your Midi files?

Always nice to see a new webmention implementation

Yes: I'll be here for some of this

Yes: I was up, so I came

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Can you find out for me why I can't make a scrolling table with non - crolling headings by doing
tbody {overflow:scroll;}
And instead have to do something like
thead th {position:sticky; top:0; background:white;}
And if I have anything else above the table I want to hang around I need even more sticky stuff

Nice bit of reconstruction, and that you're factoring at the indieweb protocol level makes sense. Another protocol you may want to look at is WebSub so you don't need to poll your feeds so often, but can call web hooks when they are updated.

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Perhaps you could put it inside a details/summary block, so the info is there if they want to expand it?
That leaves the option of revealing it in a sidebar on larger screens, for example.