Pixellated Microformats SVG button to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Microformats being shown off at ETCON 2004 by Tantek and myself.

When product team arguments end up in the docs


Yes: Looking forward to this

I have made an indieweb friendly Hugo theme with microformats that might suit a docs project https://github.com/ChristopherA/LifeWithAlacrityBlog/tree/master/blog/themes/indie-tufte

I updated mention.tech to output webmention.io compatible JSON for mentions eg https://mention.tech/listmentions?target=https%3A%2F%2Ftumblelog.xyz&json=on and modified fluffy's script to show them on https://tumblelog.xyz/ at https://tumblelog.xyz/webmention.js #indieweb

Happy new year

Via svgshare.com #indieweb 




I made a site that will let you make a subdomain for your tumblr blog https://tumblelog.xyz/ I'm told by Peter Molnar that this will let you avoid NSFW censorship and Oath interstitials https://twitter.com/petermolnar/status/1075328215227469824